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Scott Dhupar, M.D.

Board Certified and Fellowship-Trained in Spinal Surgery

Dr. Dhupar came to Northern Colorado in 2005 after completing his advanced fellowship training in spinal and reconstructive surgery at Harvard University/ Brigham and Women's Hospital and Tuft's University / New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. He has been educated by and trained under renowned Orthopedic and Neurosurgical spinal specialists from all over the world. Dr. Dhupar was Chief Resident at Boston University/ Boston Medical Center. He is dedicated to continued education in cutting edge technology.

Dr. Dhupar prides himself on the use of non-operative treatment in the vast majority of patients who seek consultation. Patient education is a very important part of every evaluation. If surgery is necessary, decision is made between traditional procedures and newer technology based on individual patient needs and desires. In all cases, the patient is an active participant in the decision making process.

His expertise in the field of spinal care includes less invasive and computer-assisted procedures when indicated. During surgery, Dr. Dhupar employs spinal cord monitoring and microscope technique to facilitate safety and accuracy. His goal is to accurately identify the pain source so that surgery is successful in alleviating symptoms.

He is also actively involved in medical research and the innovation of new technologies that will lead to the improvement of spinal care. In addition, he participates in product development and education for other Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons. He has a passion for new technologies and improved surgical techniques.

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