Arête Surgical Center
4397 Ronald Reagan Blvd
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Arête Surgical Center, built in 2013, is a 15,000-square-foot building that offers a lobby and reception area, four preoperative bays, four pain management bays, two post-anesthesia bays, and six overnight rooms.


The Lobby

Our beautiful lobby offers a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with views of the Rocky Mountains.  Inside, enjoy our breathtaking artwork by local photographer Vic Schendel.  While waiting for our guest during their procedure, visitors may help themselves to our coffee bar and HDTV.  Our center is located adjacent to luxury shopping and restaurants at the nearby Promenade Shops at Centerra.



Preoperative Area

This area, located near the nurse's station, features four spacious bays complete with cable TV. Our staff wants to ensure patients feel comfortable before surgery, thus there is plenty of space for family members to provide a pleasant atmosphere.


Pain Management Area

This area, also located near the nurse’s station, features four spacious bays with recliner chairs and calm music, as well as room for a loved one or guest.


Recovery Area and Overnight Rooms

After patients' surgery, they are brought to one of two recovery rooms. If they are staying overnight, they will be brought to one of six private and spacious overnight rooms that offer cable TV, a private bathroom, and food service. Additional seating is provided for family members, who are welcome to come and go as they please for the duration of their loved one's stay. A separate entrance is offered for late-night hours.

15,000 Square Foot  Surgical Center    State-of-the-art Equipment  3 Operating Rooms   6 Extended Recovery Suites

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4397 Ronald Reagan Blvd
Johnstown, CO 80534
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